Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Give me a call

You wont find these deals at SuddenLink, you will easily pay 10 more dollars a service
Call me at 936 524 8181, names Matt

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wonderful Prices

Here are the single deals.

26.00 plus tax - Internet (10mb high speed) if your paying more than 26 dollars I suggest you switch now and save money

26.00 plus tax - Phone (unlimited local and long distance) unless you already have SuddenLink cable TV or internet then its only 20.

49.00 plus tax- Cable TV (extended basic, 70 channels)

Package Deal

One great thing about SuddenLink is our package deal.
To have all 3 services in your house free installation is only 94 dollars plus tax.
IF you switch from a current provider it drops to 88.17 plus tax, such a great deal.
Phone, Internet, and TV

Phone (unlimited local and long distance)
good way to save minutes on your cell phone, don't get me started on the pre-paid phone. You can literally save 50 bucks a month on that alone, pre-paid is ridiculous in my opinion.

Internet (10mb high speed)
Pages load instantly and downloads occur within minutes and not hours opposed to some services. You get the free installation and MODEM.

Cable TV (extended basic 70 channels)
You get all the local channels and also a large variety of music channels, from jazz to hip hop.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why SuddenLink?

Why is a good question
Years of reliability, speed, low competitive price, and lots of money to be saved
Switching from a current provider is as easy as 1 2 3
So don't think your stuck on that contract for dish or directv, it can be cancelled and you will save that ridiculous amount you pay every month for TV...I don't like to spend 100 bucks a month on TV, do you? SuddenLink is as little as 26 dollars a month for extended basic television
I will discuss the other great deals in another post..

Get excited, I'm about to save you money